Come Inside – Drink Coffee – Get Inspired

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Why did you decide you wanted to open a cafe? A question we get asked – a lot!

Simply, we wanted to create a safe space. A place where our family and friend could come and spend time with us. A place where complete strangers can feel at home. We wanted to create a team of individuals who when put together would feel like family. Our aim is to create a tidy slice of work/life/balance (we realise owning your own business and it being hospitality based can make this balance a little tricky at times).

Why Wonderlust?

Wonderlust means the desire to be in a constant state of Wonder. And that’s what we want for our customers. We want you to see, feel, taste a little Wonder is everything we do. Our team is made up of passionate people. People who want the best for every one who walks through our doors. Our chefs pride themselves in producing simple, fresh, homely meals that will engage your senses. Our baristas craft their coffee to perfectly practiced routines ensuring they pour a little love into every cup. We all have one common goal… to create a little Wonder.

THANK YOU! To every one who has been a part of our journey so far and in advance to every one who will become a part of our journey!



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