Specialty Lattes

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Introducing our new specialty Charcoal Latte… also known as the ‘Goth Latte’ for it’s black/grey colouring.

Whilst charcoal has many health benefits not limited to; aiding bloating and reducing high cholesterol we particularly love it for it’s silky black texture… Added to milk the charcoal is seductively sweet.

Pair your charcoal latte with any of our milk options (and there’s a few!)
Full Cream, Skim, Lactose Free, Oat, Soy, Almond and Coconut *phew* and add a shot of coffee for your regular daily caffeine hit!

Our Charcoal Latte joins the other specialty lattes in our line up: Spiced Chai, Vanilla Chai, Beetroot, Matcha, Choc-Beetroot and Turmeric

**coming soon – latte tasting board**

Drink Responsibly… ACTIVATED CHARCOAL MUST BE TAKEN TWO HOURS EITHER SIDE OF ANY MEDICATION as this product will see the medication as a toxin and try and defuse and or draw the medication from your body.


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