NEW Menu

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Did you hear our new menu is now available?

We have added FOUR new scrumptious items to tantalise your taste buds.

For our new menu we wanted to create dishes that would invigorate, restore bodily balance, nourish and fill tummies. Keeping with the weather themes, we have infused our dishes with smoke salmon. We took inspiration from a traditional steak sandwich and put our Wonderlust spin on it

On the breakfast side of the menu we have:

The Breakfast Salad features smoked salmon teams up with roasted veggies, fresh salad, and labneh (hung yoghurt).


Our Breakfast Trifle showcases layers of greek yoghurt, gluten free rice muesli, house made mixed berry compote and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Moving over to lunch:

The Smoked Salmon Crepes pair smoked salmon with warm gluten free crepes which is accompanied by a refreshing rocket salad, drizzled with a creamy dill dressing and topped with capers.


And finally our Wonderlust Steak โ€˜Sandwichโ€™, which is not a sandwich at all but rather a rosemary marinated rib eye steak in an activated charcoal bun with Swiss cheese and fresh leaves. Of course we have matched all of this with a generous basket of our popular beer battered fries.


Why the changes?

We believe in keeping our team and customers engaged and what better way is there to that? Our chefs enjoy the creative process of planning a new menu and our customers benefit with the opportunity to try new and exciting menu items – WIN WIN!

The best critics are always our loyal customers, so don’t take our word on how good the new menu is! Come in and try it for yourself!

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