Silly Season Vibes

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I think our chef, Leo takes the cake on the Festive Season spirit! Aside from playing Christmas Carols on repeat in the kitchen (it’s like a daily carolling session in there – and yes we ALL get involved!).

Two weekends ago he came to me and said he was so excited that he wanted to do not one but TWO ‘Specials’ each weekend leading up the Silly Season – how could I refuse? Creative new dishes every weekend? AND guess who gets to be the ‘taste tester’? ME! I think my response was easy to judge – YES!!

The first weekend came around and he came out with a bang! Leo decided to re-vamp our popular Ranch Burger with the new Ranch 2.0… A crispy chicken thigh fillet served on our Brioche bun with an Apple Asian Fusion Dressing…


But like I said… don’t get too excited yet there’s more! We ALSO got (insert drumroll please)…


TA DA! The Nutella Bagel served with creamy vanilla ice cream, sticky grilled banana and strawberries. Yep – you are in heaven and I am right there with you!

This weekend he took on a different challenge, coming up with two completely new dishes… And all he would hint was ‘pulled pork’ and ‘churros’… Scroll down immediately!!

You just watched Leo and I cut into his Pulled Pork Burrito creation, filled with mexican beans and brown rice and topped with cheese and a perfectly fried egg (insert food coma) OH but wait… didn’t I mention Churros? How about Churros in the shape of a bowl? An edible Churro bowl filled with summer fruit and ice cream? Yeah… so this happened…


I’m guessing by this stage your mouth is watering as much as mine so I won’t tease you anymore! Just remember the fun isn’t over!

There is still FOUR weekends before the festive season ends…

thats EIGHT more tantalising treats…

Will you accept the challenge of trying them all?

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